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2 min read

How to Get More Leads From Your Travel Website

By Myrna Arroyo on Jan 14, 2018 3:23:13 PM

We received an inbound marketing question comes from Mia Majors Mackey of Mackey Mouse Travel. She asks:

Facebook is making more changes and while people do see our posts we don't know that so we can't check ROI on posts as much. I need help getting new actual leads/emails for my newsletter so that I can build a good non-FB audience.

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2 min read

Inbound Marketing Answers: What's the 1 Strategy to Implement in 2015?

By Myrna Arroyo on Jan 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM

This week's inbound marketing question comes from Bruce. He asks:

If I could only implement one new marketing idea this year and I'm looking to get the biggest measurable ROI, what should I implement and why?

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